Fluoride Toothpaste: Yes or No?

Fluoride Toothpaste: Yes or No?

August 4, 2021

At Sleek Smile Studio, we know that regular cleanings and checkups are essential. But, how well do you care for your teeth and gums at home?

What does your daily dental hygiene routine entail?

Do you floss at least once every day?

Do you brush your teeth two times per day?

Lastly, do you use fluoridated toothpaste?

Dr. Paola Bukovcan often gets asked about the benefits of fluoride. Is it better to use the enamel-strengthening mineral, or is it safer to go fluoride-free? For that reason, we want to break down the pros and cons and clarify any misconceptions.

What Is Fluoride and Is It Safe to Use?

Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally throughout the earth. The mineral is found in small amounts in water, air, and some plant life.

But take heed:

While fluoride works great at strengthening smiles, it is not meant to be ingested. In large quantities, the mineral can be poisonous if taken internally.

That is why we don’t typically recommend fluoride toothpaste for kids under six years of age. If the paste is swallowed, the child may develop fluorosis. This condition may cause streaks or white spots on the enamel and interfere with proper tooth development.

The good news is that topical fluoride provides lasting benefits for your smile. Feel free to contact Sleek Smile Studio with any questions or concerns.

How Does Topical Fluoride Strengthen Tooth Enamel?

Research had proven that fluoride has excellent benefits when topically applied, not from ingestion. Also, fluoride exposure is the most effective way to prevent cavities.

Fluoride-fortified toothpaste and a mouth rinse are used to improve oral hygiene and dental health overall. Studies have shown that the naturally-occurring mineral can reduce/remove plaque and tartar buildup and protect tooth enamel.

Even more, fluoride attracts other minerals (like calcium) in your mouth to the depleted areas. Calcium strengthens bones and plays a significant role in maintaining strong, healthy teeth.

Does Fluoride-Free Toothpaste Protect Your Smile?

Oral care products without fluoride rely on natural ingredients such as xylitol, hydrated silica, and cranberry extract. These substances prevent bacteria from adhering to tooth surfaces. Non-fluoride varieties use mild abrasives to remove plaque, leftover food particles, and surface stains.

Therefore, fluoride-free mouth products will clean your teeth, but they won’t strengthen and protect your smile. Call our dentist office in Southampton, PA, to book an appointment or to ask any questions.