How to Stop Invisalign Pain Immediately?

How to Stop Invisalign Pain Immediately?

January 2, 2023

Invisalign is an excellent revolutionary remedy to straighten crooked, crowded, and gapped teeth. The treatment entails moving your improperly positioned teeth into their correct positions by applying gradual pressure to move them incrementally.

Orthodontic treatments to shift teeth into their correct positions cause discomfort, whether using conventional orthodontics with metal brackets and wires mounted on your teeth or using clear braces in Southampton, PA, to achieve your goal. Although Invisalign has a reputation for being comfortable and sitting inconspicuously on your teeth, the pressure applied by the clear aligners causes discomfort when you start wearing them or replace them every fortnight, as the provider suggests, to continue strengthening your teeth.

What Causes the Discomfort from Invisalign Aligners?

When you visit our dental clinic for Invisalign treatment in Southampton, PA, we start this therapy that enables you to have straighter teeth faster than conventional braces, the provider captures digital images of your teeth and mouth to have your aligners created by the manufacturers for your entire treatment. Regardless of whether the complications affecting you are mild or moderate, you need a fresh set of aligners every fortnight.

The manufacturers create all your aligners after they receive images of your mouth and teeth, developing each aligner tighter than the rest. When you receive the aligners about a month after providing impressions, you wear the first set on your teeth and keep them there for the next fortnight. You might experience discomfort when you first wear the braces on your teeth. Your teeth adjust to the pressure in a few days. However, when you replace the existing set on your teeth with a new one, you experience similar discomfort and wonder how to make it disappear immediately.

When you replace aligners on your teeth, you encourage your teeth to move again to a new position. The gradual shifting causes soreness in your mouth for at least 48 hours. The pain you experience is not a significant problem because it indicates the aligners are working as desired and your teeth are adjusting and moving to their new positions. However, it doesn’t mean you must endure the pain without seeking remedies to alleviate it.

Is it possible to alleviate Invisalign Pain immediately?

Immediate pain relief is practically impossible unless you seek relief from anesthesia that numbs the specific spot in your mouth or body. However, alternatives are undoubtedly available that you can choose by discussing with the Southampton provider of Invisalign for relief.

Remedies Suggested for Invisalign Pain

  • Orajel:

    a topical pain reliever Orajel applied to your teeth and gums experiencing soreness or pain helps temporarily numb the area working as an anesthetic. However, you must remove the aligners before applying Orajel directly to the affected area.

  • Over-The-Counter Painkillers:

    over-the-counter pain relievers also help provide relief from Invisalign pain. However, the effects will not instantly reduce the pain but will take a few minutes before you find comfort.

  • Ice Packs:

    If you experience swelling and numbness in the mouth, you can use ice packs to alleviate the swelling. However, you must restrict using the ice packs for 15 minutes to prevent tissue damage that might cause additional complications.

  • Cold Water:

    Drinking cold water is similar to using a cold compress on your face. The cold water helps numb the sore area. Drinking water with the aligners on your teeth shouldn’t concern you because they don’t require removal when drinking water. However, do not consider drinking sugary beverages that can harm your teeth by causing cavities.

  • Sucking Ice Cubes:

    Sucking, not biting on ice cubes, also helps relieve Invisalign pain. However, you must remain careful not to chew on ice cubes but restrict yourself to sucking on them.

  • Refrain from Eating Hard Nuts:

    You must refrain from eating complex foods like nuts when your teeth are sore, even after removing the aligners. Sticking to soft foods might seem challenging, but it is a minor inconvenience when straightening your teeth to benefit your dental health and aesthetic appearance.

  • Fit the Aligners Correctly:

    When inserting your aligners, ensure they fit snugly over your teeth by pushing them in place. If the aligners don’t work correctly, you might experience discomfort and put undue pressure on your teeth to cause pain because the aligners pull your teeth in the wrong direction.

Besides the above, you can discuss any discomfort you experience with the Southampton Invisalign provider and prepare to endure the pain during your treatment with Invisalign to straighten your teeth. It would help if you waited patiently for the pain to subside, which it does in a couple of days after you start wearing the aligners or replace them as suggested by the providers.

Sleek Smile Studio provides the Invisalign system to straighten teeth for many patients explaining the discomfort patients might experience when getting their teeth straightened with this revolutionary therapy. If you qualify for Invisalign, you should discuss with this provider how to manage the pain you will experience when straightening your teeth.