Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions Services in Southampton, PA

Expert Tooth Extractions Services in Southampton, PA

Tooth extractions are performed at Sleek Smile Studio for a variety of reasons. Dr. Paola Bukovcan may need to extract a tooth to create room for dental prostheses or braces, or a significantly decayed tooth might be the problem.

Reasons For Dental Extractions

Dental extractions are quite frequent in dentistry, yet they don’t always mean your mouth is in bad shape. Some of the most likely causes Dr. Paola Bukovcan recommends tooth extractions are listed below.

  • Infection: Infections or decay can arise because of gum disease or cavities, necessitating the extraction of problematic teeth.
  • Braces: A patient may need one or more teeth extracted to create space for the correct placement of braces.
  • Wisdom Teeth: Many dental patients don’t have enough room for their wisdom teeth; thus, they must be removed to maintain oral health and to prevent further crowding.

Are you experiencing dental issues that require a tooth extraction? Our Southampton, PA, dentist near you offers professional and gentle tooth extraction services. Our experienced dentists ensure a smooth, painless procedure, putting your comfort first.

Tooth Extraction Procedures:

Tooth extractions solve various problems, including severe decay, overcrowding, or damaged teeth. Our skilled dentists will thoroughly explain the extraction process, addressing your concerns.

Preparing for Your Tooth Extraction:

Follow our simple preparation guidelines before your tooth extraction appointment. Avoid eating or drinking anything for several hours before the procedure, and organize a ride home from someone afterward.

Post-Tooth Extraction Care:

Proper post-extraction care is crucial for a swift recovery. We provide detailed instructions on caring for the extraction site and managing any discomfort you may experience.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction:

If you require wisdom tooth extraction, rest assured that our dental team can handle such procedures with utmost care and precision.

Payment and Insurance Information:

We understand your concerns about costs. Our dental clinic offers transparent pricing and accepts various insurance plans to make the process seamless.

Tooth Extraction Cost:

The price of a tooth extraction varies depending on factors like the complexity of the extraction and whether you have insurance coverage. We’ll discuss all costs with you before proceeding with any treatment.

Don’t delay necessary tooth extractions. Visit our dental clinic in Southampton, PA, for expert care using advanced techniques to ensure comfort. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.


How much does it cost to extract a tooth?

The cost of a tooth extraction can fluctuate based on the complexity and location of the tooth. Our team will provide a detailed breakdown during your consultation.

Will a dentist pull a tooth on the same day?

In many cases, same-day tooth extractions are possible. Our dental experts aim to provide timely and efficient solutions to your needs.

How long should you stay home after a tooth extraction?

Recovery times differ, but most patients can resume normal activities within a day or two. Follow our post-care guidelines for a smooth healing process.

What should you not do before tooth extraction?

Avoid eating or drinking before the procedure, as instructed. If you're anxious, let our team know, and we can discuss sedation options.

What are the rules when you get a tooth pulled?

After tooth extraction, follow our guidelines, such as avoiding vigorous rinsing, smoking, or consuming hard foods, to promote proper healing.