Root Canal Therapy


Root canal therapy is a procedure used to treat inflammation or infection in the roots of a tooth. It is used to relieve pain and to attempt to save the tooth from potentially needing to be extracted.

Signs You May Need Root Canal Therapy

Antibiotics may manage many infections but in some cases root canal therapy may be the only option. While a tooth might be seriously infected without causing any symptoms or signs of a disease, the following are the most typical signals that you need treatment:

  • Unexplained swelling
  • Sensitivity to temperature
  • An abscess around the gums
  • Tenderness
  • Severe chronic and a painful toothache

What to Expect During Root Canal Therapy

The tooth is initially numbed and the procedure itself is painless.

Once the procedure is completed, a temporary filling will be placed to protect the treated root canal until the final crown is fabricated and placed to protect the tooth long-term.